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The new set-up was first used in 1979, but it soon turned into a disaster as finishes were prone to cracking, bubbling...

This is a right handed Fender Jaguar in an original custom color Dakota Red, which is the rarest of the Fender Red finishes available in 1965.

The hierarchy of Red finishes offered by Fender in terms of rarity was Candy Apple(the most common custom color overall), followed by the intermediate Fiesta Red, and the rarest – Dakota Red.

This is a very rare and highly collectable Martin D-28 Marquis/Madagascar from 2009.

Martin only made the D-28 Marquis with the Madagascar rosewood from 2007-2009.

I was able to find a pristine right handed 1966 Tele with a maple cap neck that I sold to Joe Bonamassa earlier in the year: Tele Maple This is a vintage Strat with a unique provenance and history.

Date codes span from Nov 1963 to early 1964, so it’s more accurate to call it a 1963/1964 Strat, especially with a neck date of NOV 63(taking a page from the George Gruhn book of dating a guitar based on the neck date).Powered by a single EL84, this amp delivers classic Class A Vox tube tone at bedroom volumes, with a tone that actually stays quite clean.With simple Volume and Tone controls, the circuit is a pure platform for highlighting the guitar plugged into it, with a dynamic sound that can vary notably based on the pickups ...The case is as clean as the guitar with no separation of inner lining and both latches spring open!This is a really clean, 100% Original 1980-1981 Fender Strat, looks almost new, has only very slight fret wear on the 1st 3 frets, some light scratches on the back and pickguard, really nice tri-color sunburst over Ash body, includes original Fender molded hardshell case and trem bar. This is an all original Lefty 2003 Brazilian History 1958/R8 Les Paul, and includes everything that came with the guitar when new: OHSC, COA, all tags/paperwork.Anyone who knows what they are looking at should be able to tell that this guitar is as near to new condition as any 1964 guitar can be.