Real house wife sex chatchat chennai Dating your boss

If you do not work for a multimillionaire, just invite him or her over, for a homemade cheese platter, expensive wine (which I hope they’ll be the ones to bring, otherwise why even bother?

) and a long (sure hope it’s long), passionate night in your boudoir.

Most people look at these two as the two sides of a coin, as mutually exclusive, and that’s the way it should be.

Promote her to manager and she becomes a super bi**h.

Now, if you were dating your boss and she was at all good at her work, she might resent your absence from work, don’t you think? A woman is all nice and normal while her designation says ‘employee’.

Think of the last time you called in sick at work just so that you could go pick up a friend from the airport. You shouldn’t date your boss because: Listen, take it from a woman–often, women make unreasonable, demanding, manipulative bosses.

Unless you like being the toy boy and metaphorically tied to the bedposts, don’t date a woman boss.

Do you really want to be at her mercy if something goes wrong?

Yes, all the things they say about a woman scorned are true–she will go in for the kill, and remember that here, it’s your employment that’s at stake.

How do you know that she won’t take offence to your ogling at Nargis Fakhri and take it out on you at work? Sc**w up in one place and you get punished in the other.

Yes, I know that there’s this girl in legal who you share and bond with over lunch, but I’m afraid she can’t know you are dating the boss.

Even if the boss isn’t her boss, she should still not know.

You’ve come here for advice on how to date your boss in secret? The thing about secret relationships is that they are really hard to keep secret, so if you want this path you’ve set out on to succeed, you need to do your very best and follow every last bit of the advice provided here. Not you, because you stared at your screen so hard, you couldn’t even blink.