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“And if there are, they throw [the books] away.” A variety of titles Among these books are volumes of environmental records, public service announcements and other itemse used less frequently than other research materials.

But many of the books that take the trip to the dumpster have recently passed through the library’s conservation lab, meaning they have been widely circulated and are in close-to-new condition.

The dumpster diving students of two years past are now the proud owners of more than a dozen books and other publications, including copies of the “Clean Air Act of 1977,” “American Midland Naturalist” and “Polish Folk Stories.” Not exactly bestsellers, but treasures nonetheless.

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UConn’s main library has ushered in the digital age, in part by tossing away countless books, regardless of their condition.

“As far as I understand it, the director of the library is taking low circulation books and seeing if there are digital copies of them elsewhere,” a library student employee said.

As a research library, Babbidge sees an influx of new materials on a yearly basis.

Digitizing books removes the need to pay for increased storage as the library’s collection grows.

“We fix things so they can be kept longer,” the student employee said.

“[The other department is] responsible for digitizing things so they can be thrown away.” But while the two departments work in conflict with one another, some enterprizing and adventurous students are able to reap the benefits.

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