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Some say that a person could track you down however; it is not easy.Some say they can get your IP address but would not be able to get your personal information. A lot of the answers were just too technical for me to understand.

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(Not that I am stupid, just don't have the technical knowledge of computers.)So, POF, what is the real answer?BTW: Generally speaking, its hard to get someones IP address from a chatroom.If you're worried about someone doing something nefarious with your IP address, just cycle the power on your router periodically.Most people do not have static IP addresses assigned to them (it's an extra cost option), they have what's called dynamic IP address, and when you cycle the power on your router, you usually get a new IP address assigned to you.As well, he had some kind of satellite tracking device/program, and showed us the street and house that person lived in.

The satellite got close enough to see the color of the house and the car in the drive way Did you confirm that it really was the house of the person on MSN??

The satellite got close enough to see the color of the house and the car in the drive way.

The other person that you IM with could get your IP address but it would be of limited use unless you had a static IP address.

Even with a static IP address, unless you had a domain name registered with that IP address, they wouldn't be able to do much with it.

With a registered domain name/IP address, they could do a whois or reverse lookup to get your registration information which includes name, address, telephone number, etc.

When you have a connection established (example: sending a song or image file to someone else) open your MS-DOS window and type netstat -a or netstat -n This will list all current connections, their host names and IP addresses.