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This can even have a long term negative impact because levels of aggression at age five can predict levels of aggression in adult life.

3 Mind your own mental health The unfortunate reality is that mothers and fathers with depression struggle more with parenting and, for example, can show muted responses to their babies cries.

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Each of our children come with their own temperament and so, even though they grow up in the same environment, can have very different childhood experiences and relationships with us.So, remain flexible and tailor your parenting style to your child's personality to reduce the stress and the anxiety they experience.10 Be happily imperfect Nobody is perfect and yet sometimes we can set impossibly high standards for ourselves or for our children.Like lots of parents, I have discovered that when I tailor the day to suit my children (like a day trip), it is always more successful, and I enjoy it more when they are having fun.So, I have complied my own top 10 tips for raising happy children, which is a happy mix of minding them and minding ourselves.1 Be reliable Reliability and trustworthiness from parents, when our children are babies and toddlers especially, is the key to secure attachment.When parents joke and pretend, it gives young children the tools to think creatively, to make friends and to better manage stress.

So it may pay to act the eejit with your little ones (and your bigger ones too).By allowing children to argue, make suggestions and offer opinions, we give them a greater sense of autonomy.Research shows that children who show greater autonomy at home also show greater autonomy in their relationships with their friends.According to research, recognising that we, and our children, will make mistakes and that these are opportunities to learn rather than to be self-critical or critical of our children will reduce stress and increase our confidence in our abilities.Katie Byrne In 1518, in Strasbourg, Alsace, a group of about 400 people danced, without rest, for days on end.They may also adopt a more negative approach to their parenting, increasing levels of stress in their children.