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His cute behavior (always wanting to be with her) isn’t so cute anymore, it’s actually suffocating and needy.

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The book Models by Mark Manson is what really helped me to do it.

It’s advertised as a self-help guide for single guys, but it goes much, much deeper than that.

The actual problem here is that most guys don’t know the difference between vulnerability and insecurity.

The line between them can be subtle, but it makes a big difference.

However, if you are a woman and reading this right now, you can still learn and implement this to your life.

Many of the principles discussed here apply to both sexes.It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the biggest problem of an insecure man is his flawed mindset. In his misguided frame of mind, his partner is the solution to his problems.A guy with this frame of mind is extremely needy and desperate for a woman’s affection. And that’s exactly why he becomes dependent on, and feels incomplete without her.It will affect your life in many areas and make you a happier and better man.You will also learn why your old mentality was flawed and promise yourself never go back to it. It was hard to let go of the old beliefs and admit to myself my flaws, but eventually, I did it and I have never regretted it.In a healthy relationship, it is usually acceptable for the woman to show her insecure side (seriously, what woman hasn’t done that? Male insecurities in relationships are considered extremely unattractive and often the main reason why women leave men.