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This is particularly true around Valentine’s Day, when we’re expected to open our wallets wide and passionately profess undying devotion to our beloved. We know, we know, tucking into a TED session doesn’t exactly scream sexy, but it could get you warmed up and in the mood for love, and, if you play it right, your lover, too. Exactly how we get hooked on love no one quite knows, try as anthropologists like Helen Fisher might to unravel the mystery, one MRI on the lovesick at a time.

This morning, however, Hitler is lying on his bed fully clothed. Then he opens his eyes and checks the tie in the mirror.

Hitler’s moustache is designed to cover his unusually large nostrils.

As sublime as it sounds rolling off the lips, love, like lust, cannot be fully expressed in words alone.

Sorry lovers, not even in a ,000 gold-plated Valentine. It’s a cruel dagger, piercing us with both pleasure and pain.

For the first time in nine years, Hitler has no personal doctor.

A week ago, he furiously dismissed Dr Theodor Morell, after accusing the doctor of trying to sedate him in order to whisk him out of Berlin.

[Both the upper and lower bunkers, where Hitler and a few staff have been living since January, are below the Reich Chancellery.

The Fuhrer spends most of his time in the lower one — known as the Fuhrerbunker — which is protected by a 10ft-deep concrete roof.]In his office in the upper bunker, the monocled General Krebs is on the phone to army HQ in Berlin.

The style originated in America, where it’s known as the toothbrush moustache and sported by Charlie Chaplin and Walt Disney.

In Bavaria, it’s known as a Rotzbremse — or ‘snot brake’.

Bormann’s philandering has the support of his wife Gerda, the mother of his ten children.