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What do I tell the patients tomorrow, each of whom has been promised an operation then, or the next day?

How can I say that their procedure has been postponed once more simply because the instruments they need simply can't get through?

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I could find no evidence of damage, although that did not surprise me.This was manifestly post-traumatic stress, not the sole domain of the soldier.On July 23, 1943, Anne writes down everybody’s wishes: "Margot and Mr.Van Pels wish, above all else, to have a hot bath filled to the brim, which they can lie in for more than half an hour. Van Pels would like a cake, Pfeffer can think of nothing but seeing his Charlotte and Mother is dying for a cup of real coffee. Voskuijl, Peter would go downtown, and as for me, I'd be so overjoyed I wouldn't know where to begin.Say what you like about failings in security or co-ordination, as well as delays in the provision of aid. For those of us in the field, these things drive us crazy, too.

I am luckier than most, as the organisation for which I'm working, Merlin, is widely known and has been dealing with disasters for more years than many can remember.In her diary, Anne Frank jots down her first impression of her new roommate: ''...a very nice man”.may also not be opened during the day, otherwise one of the neighbours might see them.However, despite any failings of an aid effort such as this, everywhere I begin to see tiny signs of recovery. This morning, as well as running the clinic, we employed 40 local people to help reinforce the fragmented walls around the tennis court where I now work.Slowly the rubble is beginning to clear, slowly the frightened many are returning to work, and slowly new alliances are being forged. I had to restrain a chuckle as I listened to our magnificent logistician, Andrew, bargain hard but diplomatically with a group of labourers.Yet whatever is said, I do feel privileged to form part of this, to know that this is a truly international effort – Turkish policemen, Croatian soldiers, American mortuary attendants, Czech map-makers, Brazilian security guards.