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I think this list is the most complete I ever seen anywhere, so it could be useful for a lot of gfy guys.

I hope you appreciate, and if there's errors, changes or additions, please do tell in a post reply.

“Team building exercises” where we go drive go carts, smash some baseballs at a batting cage, go white water rafting, etc.

It’s important to be ambitious when seeking an upgrade in a career but it sure is easier to help people who have the credentials to take the next step.

Things Candidates Must Include To Be Considered For Job: The recruitment process is transforming to a more digital one day by day. Things That Will Disqualify A Candidate From Getting Considered: Not following through on commitments to Sugar Systems or to the client company.

They do have an active forum where hosts and members chat about what's going on at the site.

There is also a good long help page on how to be a successful cam model -- and it certainly shows that they are focused on the type of camming where you build a long term online relationship with a viewer, with plenty of time spent just chatting and getting to know one another. As a host that means you DO have to invest the time to be online regularly and over a long enough period that you start to build up a regular group of fans.

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Name: John Newton Title: Founder, CEO, Sugar Systems™ Email: [email protected] Linked In: Phone: 646-512-9853 Twitter: @Sugar JWN Company: Sugar Systems Location: Charlotte, NC Website: Careers Page: Linked In: Twitter: @Sugar Systems Facebook: Systems Recruiting/ Preferred Method To Be Contacted By A Candidate: Phone Preferred Process For Following Up On Application: A phone call is cool.You buy credits as part of a monthly membership the basic package is " - One month membership with twenty five dollars of cam girlprivate video access." So presumably after one month it would expire if unused.Payout is 50% with extra - up to 75% - if you spend long hours online on a regular basis.Girls can post videos -- there are competitions sometimes -- and have their own blog posts as well.I suppose provides a halfway point between the more typical camsites (Live Jasmin, camcontacts etc) where customers just come to you and being independent.