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2) Dog Breeders When you are looking to become a dog owner, it is important to find a legitimate dog breeder.

Labs are extremely popular in North America because of their easygoing personalities and extreme loyalty.Gotta Love A Lab is an outstanding resource for all things Labs.The site provides tons of Labrador articles, pictures, stories, and tips.9) Common Dog Problems Many dog owners struggle with how to deal with common dog problems.Cesar has an uncanny ability to communicate with dogs in a way that gets them to want to do what he says.

Cesar's website is a tremendous resource offering dog tips, links to Cesar's videos for sale, as well as an Ask Cesar section which allows dog owners to get direct answers to questions which are related to behavioral issues that their dogs are having.

10) Pet Travel Guides Pet Travel Guides help pet owners learn which hotels, restaurants, and parks are dog friendly.

It is a great joy to bring your dog to public places and this website gives you the head start to finding out which places will treat your dog with the respect that he or she deserves.

As a dog owner, you will feel an enormous sense of responsibility to take care of your sick dog as dogs of course can't take care of themselves.

Because serious issues can arise, dog owners should consider Dog Health Insurance.

Those of us with dogs understand the time commitment and dedication it takes to become a successful dog owner.