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Computer would still not boot from cdr but i found out it does boot from dvd so instead of xp , i installed win7 for fun. My old hard drive crapped its pants, so I got a brand new one. I have installed both old hard drives, and the new one again, and get this PXE-E61 error, which is not a characteristic of the other 2 hard drives failures.

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He left and I sit with this and after reading this POSTS of you awesome guys I opened the harddrive casing at the back only to find the harddrive lying loose from the ports . From: Brian on 02/15/2013 I have to say I thought you were all crazy saying to bang the hard drive, BUT I figured I would give it a try and after bouncing the hard drive off my counter top about 5-6 times I put it back in and bam it booted up. From: Najeeb on 01/21/2013 Yp, tapping the hard drives and battey etc actually works i have just done that and solve the prob with my laptop, thanx to all who posted solutions they help me get rid of a huge mess From: Joy on 09/06/2012 Thanks soooooooo much. As when CPU heat, it somehow do not detect HDD and eventually starts giving these errors.OH MY the hdd back and bobs your uncle hahahahahahahahahahaha lolthank you so much for at least look at the back of this laptop From: Jassooo on 12/30/2013 My fix with ibm t40 was this: Installing hdd it was easy to put it so that wrong jumpers hit it. I have thrown away computers and just bought new ones, WOW. Took the battery out and tapped it on the counter and hit the bottom a few times. Would prefer to have heat sink (past) between CPU and FAN which will lower down heat while running laptop.Reboot and Select proper Boot deviceor Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key.I tried the tapping the hard drive method, with no luck.I connected it as well to the USB port on the side of the laptop, and it made no difference. Are there any sources I can use that can be provided to help fix this problem? From: Ellen on 01/13/2015 tapping, hitting is not working for me. Also I see people talking about "changing BIOS settings? All I have is a blank black screen with the error message and no options.

I already set the hard drive as the first boot priority. I'm incredibly frustrated after working on fixing this laptop for almost a week now. Please explain is simple language, I am not a techie.

Here is my guide on how to root the Fire TV 2 using a Windows PC.

If you’ve already rooted using the old method, it is safe to fully follow this guide in order to install custom recovery.

I was wondering if I should've purchased a copy of Windows 7, maybe that's what's missing?

It says nothing about a missing operating system, and I've no idea if my external hard drive has a copy of it or something.

First, at step 4-2, you need to connect the USB Drive, power on the Fire TV, then quickly switch to a USB keyboard when you see the Fire TV logo in order to select the recovery option when the boot menu appears.