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Speed Dueting offers karaoke where teams of girls and boys sing for each other, making a note of anyone they fancy.

The evening culminates in a sing-off for matched "couples".

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"If you mix in the right circles you're more likely to find the right person." But whether or not you find yourself in those circles, Hussey is adamant that the city's dating scene is ever-changing."We're going to see an increasing number of ways to get Londoners into a more crazy, spontaneous place at dating events."Surely it's just a tiny phone that you strap to your wrist? Thing is, that's more or less what everyone said about tablets just four years ago. So what's going to nudge smartwatches over the tipping point and into wild success?Here are the features hardware and software developers are working on right now that will soon be in the Apple Watch, Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Asus Zen Watch and the rest.To all participants of this site, thanks for the wacky ideas.

This was a way for me to stay sane while being housebound with injuries for two years. You will see mentioned a video/question website ( which is no longer active. A large percentage of drawing requests came from VYOU, so any links to it won’t work.Smartwatches have a lot of exciting functions, but sales are, shall we say, "steady" so far rather than massive.General consumers are struggling to see why they'd need one.– I liked to cross-promote participants (askers) when sharing my answer to their questions, so their usernames were incorporated into my drawings, as well as were linked on my posts to their VYOU profiles.*Warning* Peruse at your own risk.Admin will not be held accountable for loss of bodily fluids– best to save that glass of milk for later.The concept started in Brighton and, thanks to its popularity, organisers are about bring the monthly event to London.