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Business Catalyst is a web publishing platform originally developed by a couple of Australians in 2004, but was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2009. If those issues are not of concern to you, you shouldn’t worry about it and you can go ahead and have fun.

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Opening & Creating PDFs and Using the Welcome Screen 7. Customizing the Quick Tools in the Quick Tools Toolbar 9.

The Standards Category in Preset Adobe PDF Settings 12. Create PDF and Email in Excel, Power Point, and Word 16. Create and Review in Excel, Power Point, and Word 18.

Preparing the Financial Budgets Management Decision Making 1.

Other Tools for Analysis and Decision Making Getting Acquainted with Acrobat 1.

Opening and Closing Databases Creating Relational Database Tables 1.

Allowing Zero Length Entries Joining Tables in a Database 1.

Adding, Formatting, Resizing, Rotating and Moving Text 4.

Cropping Pages and Documents Advanced PDF Editing 1.

When you’re a business, this might be a different story.

I’ve recently been working for a colleague and a client on implementing a website and ecommerce site in Business Catalyst.

I don’t believe there’s any better way to present my feelings and experiences with this system.