Adult chat uae Drinking water before dating scan

My bladder was so full that he was litterally squished and couldn't move.It was my first ultrasound so I didn't know any better - I thought he looked great.

I have my big 20 week ultrasound on Monday morning and have been told to arrive with my bladder "comfortably full".Does anyone recall that they were told to drink a certain amount of water - and how much was that?Just had mine last week and was told by the receptionist to drink 30-40oz of water an hour before but then when I got there the tech said that was crazy and had me pee out a cup(a styrafoam cup! ) and then half way through another two cups and then another 3..said if I had to come back to drink 16-20oz about 30 minutes before I got there. Finish the 5th glass of water at least 15 minutes before the u/s.I was given very specific instructions: One hour before the u/s, to drink 8 oz of water every 15 minutes, until I had drunk 5 cups of water. I was only told to come with a full bladder at the 8 week dating scan; the subsequent NT scan (12 weeks) and anatomy scan (18 weeks) I was told I did not have to do any special prep, so I didn't.The u/s tech was running 50 minutes behind and by the time I got back to my exam room I was about to explode.

I was told my bladder was "huge." I had the tech take a few measurements that needed to have a full bladder then I had the hugest pee of my seems like my bladder is always uncomfortably full.The tech I went to said they don't need you to drink water to see the baby.When I had my 12wk ultrasound I had drunk too much water and had to go to the bathroom twice before getting scanned. Then the doc said, "you can use the restroom, I don't need you on a full bladder!I went once as she asked me to retain some, was still too full so had to go again so hard not to completely empty!!! " Then this time they told me to drink that much again! Everytime I go with a relatively full bladder they tell me the bladder is in the way and to pee.I'd like not be overly full and extremely uncomfortable the whole time, but also not have to drink any MORE water when I get there because I'm not full enough. My u/s paperwork said to drink 32 oz an hour beforehand.