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With this particular set-up, we needed a drummer and she’s fantastic. I have to be really up-front, when I look at your band, and tell you that I think it’s really, really cool that you have a female drummer. I know that she started off as a guitarist and then transitioned into the drums. And she’s been in other bands where she’s been the front woman.

The band’s first single, “Animal,” has also been featured on VH1’s Secrets of Aspen and CW’s Melrose Place. When you look back on that particular touring experience, and then examine the way you have developed your live show over the years, in what ways has your showmanship or stage presence improved?On April 10, 2010, Neon Trees embarked on a 25-city tour with 30 Seconds to Mars and MUTEMATH. What particular elements have really gone up a notch?Is there a particular obstacle that all of you are proud to have overcome?I think making sure that our creative agenda is always heard.And so, the whole record is about that singing, and the anthem; and singing in your car and singing at the show. And without being too self-deprecating, what is your most interesting habit? It’s also a nod to a lyric in the opening track, “Sins of My Youth.” I think it really speaks for the record. [laughing] I don’t want to be too self-deprecating! And I think she also does a lot of good things with the finances.

We just want to bring that energy and have people not be afraid of pop music and great pop music; but we also rock, as well. With the record, we wanted to talk about the habits that we obtain in relationship to our friends, families, and significant others: how we take those habits onto something else, how we treat each other, how we communicate and how we talk to each other. [laughing continues] I have a habit of not being very nice to myself; so, maybe that’s a habit of mine. It keeps a lot of those things that a lot of people don’t see when they are watching our video or listening to our album. I think he helps a lot with getting gear onstage and being kind to the sound man; being kind to the people at the show. I’m always thinking of ways to visualize that and I think I help a lot with that.

I think the album, the songs, the band, the show; it’s all about the human experience and the natural energy that we go through in life. Especially with us, we put aside the fact that we weren’t all best friends from high school starting a band in our parents’ garage. [laughing] Even though you are the front man for the group, I know all of you have interesting personalities.

I think that just encompassed the whole agenda of the band. [laughing] I came across a quote where Elaine said that being in this band is like an arranged marriage where divorce is not an option. If you had to describe all of the members, what would you say? I think she brings and expects a certain level of respect; maybe because she’s the only girl, but I don’t necessarily think that.

When you look at the band’s evolution, from your opening act with The Killers to the present, what do you think has been the band’s biggest accomplishment?

It probably is staying together and staying sane, honestly.

I just wanted to put that on there and maybe it would eventually become something in a couple of years. But we all realized how we needed to play together because it made the band and made what we were going for.