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I have noticed that there are a lot of the same people on all these sites though. All kinds of phony profiles- people trying to run financial schemes and such- a lot of Nigerians pretending to be Americans.

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I've gotten more messages and talked to more people in 3 weeks on POF then I did in 3 months on Match....

And as another poster said, lots of the same people on both sites. I tried a free, long weekend where the stages also took too long to get to any free, real communication where you're allowed to type your own words to someone.

POF - each want to chat (I don't) or call immediately.

I finally call and the conversation almost always goes to kissing, cuddling, FWB. They see POF or other site matches them and go from there.

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I was wondering if anyone who has tried E Harmony, Match, or any other pay dating websites, has had better luck on them than here or any other non-paying dating sites?

People who don't use the web are fearful of those who do, thinking they will get a disease, or scammed, or some kind of repulsive person(all true, but so what? People who do use the web often flit back and forth between sites, so you will see the same photos in many sites, very lazy, btw :) So,,, I think it's best to stay on POF.

There are lots of people here, it's free, and most people from pay sites will pop up here anyway, so there's no advantage in leaving.

I don't like the concept of EHarmony that some computer (maybe humans? It was a long time ago but that is how I remember it.

As far as Match goes, I tried it just recently (again) for a few months and was disappointed to see their percentage of scammers on the site had gone up dramatically.

Are there any other free sites that are decent besides Mingle2 and ? And when they found out that I was separated and not divorced, they inactivated my account but still tried to automatically collect their fees from my bank account. That depends on what one defines as "better luck."I have had more first dates from Match than here, but from Po F, I had one where there was more than just the first date, but after 4 dates, she turned out to be a "patient scammer" (i.e.