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Modelled on Bridgewater canal tunnel tug Steam plant fitted by previous owner 1989, installation not completed, then named GLADYS. First steamed Easter 1995, steamed each year since.

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1930 duty boat at Netley Hospital, c 1946 sold out of service, c 1955 steamed to Thames, named TRELEAGUE, converted motor, various owners.

Contact Peter Davidson: 01646 682465 Owner: The Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust Area: UKBuilt for Admiralty, used latterly at Portland Dockyard, retired 1973 and acquired for preservation by Maritime Trust.

Fitted with Tim Blackstaffe steam plant when aquired. Engine reportedly from passenger boat in Sitka when Russia sold Alaska to USA (1867). Converted to screw propulsion in 1871 in Victoria, Canada. Eddy Area: UK-Thames Former River Thames motor hire boat, acquired 1989, refitted and steam plant fitted by owner and first steamed 1990.

Sold to present owner Mats Silvertson in November 2011 - Kragero, Near Brevic, Norway Owner: T. Kane Area: USAHull originally fitted with diesel engine.

Its warren of rooms, levels, courtyards, roof terraces and secret places betray its earlier origins.

The beams in the dining-room, the flamboyant plasterwork ceiling in the master bedroom and the cascade of roof terraces overlooking the charming jumble of red pantiled roofs at the back are all evidence that this is an Elizabethan house that was given a Georgian facelift in the 18th century.Born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England on January 24th, 1962, Edward Atterton first appeared as a guest star on the television show Poirot in 1993. Since then he has appeared on the hit ABC series Alias opposite Jennifer Garner portraying her boyfriend, Danny Hecht, who was murdered by the head of a faux branch of the C. On Wednesday afternoon the sun shone over Wells Cathedral for the funeral of Susan Chilcott, the opera singer.Cathedral Green House is the first house to come onto the market for several years, and only three have sold over the past 10 years. His first recurring role was on a television series entitled Medics in 1993. He also appeared opposite Leonardo Di Caprio in The Man in the Iron Mask. A in Anthropology from Trinity College in Cambridge, England and is a 1992 graduate of Central School of Speech and Drama.