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Most people don’t know of her because, well, she was never in toby’s daily vlogs.

After an EXTENSIVE amount of research/stalking, I think I learned some new information that I need to express.

When Pizza reached 100,000 followers on Tumblr, she posted a picture of a pizza box, takeout chicken wings, and an orange soda spread out on her bed: “pizza and chicken wings 2 celebrate.” One fan replied, “CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!

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The most obvious evidence would probably be her video called “TOO CLOSE TO LOVE YOU” in which she dances to the song “Too close” by Alex Clare.Prior to doing so, she stated that the song, “resonated with me, it connected with my soul.There is even that infamous Playlist Live picture of Olga and Toby on Toby’s fridge while Seth is walking around his kitchen at the end of that same video.Then, they broke up AGAIN after Toby and Seth left for their Europe trip (mid-September). Using deductive reasoning and all the stuff I found from twitter and youtube videos, it was pretty obvious they ended it.At first, I was a bit skeptical because..well, I was literally exhausted with everything going on.

(e.g., toby/olga fight on twitter, toby sending multiple flowers to olga, toby at olgas while playing far cry, etc.). But then, the signs started to come up again that maybe the people were right.Then, like most of us know, Toby started seeing Olga after Halloween. For those who don’t know, Olga is known for being quite open to her audience (mooshers) and has no issue discussing very personal things in her life.In previous vlogs, olga has dealt with pretty bad acne (around 2010) and had no problem talking about it.In this particular vlog, olga talked about her cold sore or “herpes mouth.” Now, you ask, why in the world would April watch this particular video of Olga’s?Well, this was also the video which shows Toby essentially “staying over” prior to dropping off Olga to the airport the next day. I don’t know, you tell me…but that’s beyond my understanding.From seeing these tweets, it was apparent that their relationship was rocky.