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The film opened with three sexual couplings illustrating a couple's open-marriage and how they were turned on for their own love-making by casual talk about each others' extra-marital adulterous affairs: Soon after, Ballard had a near-fatal head-on car accident with a car driven by surviving Dr.

Helen Remington (Holly Hunter) whose passenger-husband was killed.

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A similar girl-empowerment coming-of-age film in the same year was director Jim Mc Kay's Girls Town (1996), and then followed in a few years by Jolie's Oscar-winning performance in James Mangold's Girl, Interrupted (1999).Robert Rodriguez' sexy and ultra-violent crime thriller was memorable for its musical number performed at the sleazy, vampire-infested Titty Twister roadhouse (open 'from dusk till dawn') in Mexico to a leering, cheering audience of mostly truckers.The vampire spoof plot revealed a mortuary/funeral parlor that was a front for a whorehouse.When the funeral parlor was first entered by delinquent, heavy-metal rocker Caleb Verdoux (Corey Feldman) and his friend, Caleb exclaimed: "Oh my God, it's a necrophiliac's wet dream." They entered the lower brothel area by riding down inside a coffin, where a gigantic pair of breasts greeted them - they asked themselves: "Are we dead yet?It included various liaisons and love scenes between them, such as when her dress was torn off when Almasy hungrily kissed her, followed by love-making (implied) and an intimate and erotic bath scene (she shampooed his hair before joining him), although he warned her: "When you leave, you should forget me."They also engaged in a sexual tryst during the Christmas season in 1938 when he told her: "I can still taste you...

Swoon, I'll catch you" - she promptly fainted in the heat and then in the film's most sensual scene, they found a private place where, to the background sounds of The adulterous, doomed couple also laid together in bed after another sexual encounter when he described, semi-personally and humorously, about how he fell "under the spell of a mysterious English woman" - he then stroked her bare skin: This lesbian-leaning female bonding film from female director Annette Haywood-Carter was based on Joyce Carol Oates' novel.

She then moistened Corky's finger with her mouth and placed it tantalizingly between her legs, as she confessed and proved her true feelings: "You can't believe what you'd see, but you can believe what you feel.

I've been thinking about you all day" - and then begged for a kiss ("Please, kiss me") - with their mouths close to each other in full-closeup.

The experience caused Ballard to have increased sexual excitement toward his wife and their own rear-entry love-making.

Ballard and Helen joined a sexual cult of car crash enthusiasts or victims who would arouse themselves ("It's all very satisfying") by re-enacting (or recreating) famed auto accidents ("the ultimate in authenticity" - the noteworthy car accident of famous Hollywood legend James Dean (Sept 30, 1955)).

Caleb was the brother of prudish born-again, TV producer Katherine Verdoux (ex-Rafe met up with S&M-loving Tamara who wanted to suck his blood. In a sofa seduction scene with her bulging cleavage showing, black lingerie-wearing Violet asked: "Do I make you nervous, Corky?