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” When you gave the order, without delay I quickly dropped down into the thick carpet. I kneel and pray before an altar of flesh and fire.My body complied willingly to its craving for your dominance. I kneel before you – as a hypocrite before the gates of heaven.

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Read On Added: | Category: Cheating | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 941 | Tags: oral rough sex anal swallowing quid pro quo cuckold hamilton | 47 Comments Husband is out, time to play Have you ever been so dreadfully bored that you'd be willing to do just about anything to liven things up? My name is Samara, What is your pleasure this evening? So, why don’t you go ahead and get undressed and comfortable for me.

I have, and let me tell you darlings: it can lead you to a very interesting conclusion.

Of course, he wanted toys he would be able to use when he came to visit me. Read On Added: | Category: Toys | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,165 | Tags: simplicity toys anal sucking licking masturbation exhibitionism | 88 Comments Up before the dawn, again.

Stirred from slumber by the immeasurable emptiness next to me. A sleepy smile upon my hungry lips, her plea strums my heart, “Miss me; please miss me like no other.” I stroke my cock; reverence to the sin stained sheets. Read On Added: | Category: Erotic Poems | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 112 | Tags: sex scent longing | 22 Comments There are hidden costs for just about everything. The kind all men want to have, the kind who gets them the things they can’t get themselves. Read On Added: | Category: Cheating | Avg Score: 4.99 | Words: 3,920 | Tags: audio dual voice cheating blow job fucking sounds of cumming | 52 Comments At the dungeon, the other dommes called her The Plumber. Read On Added: | Category: Flash Erotica | Avg Score: 4.88 | Words: 508 | Tags: first time phone sex blow job | 19 Comments A very naughty nun I read this thing An oral list One called a blow job The other is a pussy kiss I’m sitting here In my habit Googling Rampant rabbits Reading on I got the gist Of men who are Cunnilinguists Then I read And what a shock That women also Suck men’s cocks I read about What’s called a blow Licking and sucking Like a ho Then sixty nine I’d give that a...

She flees from me, each time, without a sound, without warning. Coke and weed, hard-to-get tickets, and most importantly, access. No problem, let me call my guy.” “Backstage with the Stones after the show? In fact knowing you, I think you’ll probably enjoy it. Not because she knew how to snake a pipe, but because she was unafraid of those dark, tight, nasty places where the scariest fantasies accumulated. Read On Added: | Category: Erotic Poems | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 310 | Tags: masturbation oral religion sin | 27 Comments No full moon in the sky this night.

I can get us in -- I know someone.” “Front-row-center for Hamilton , and then a meet-and-greet... I’d fantasized about being with a hard man, one who knew how to take. Read On Added: | Category: BDSM | Avg Score: 4.96 | Words: 1,078 | Tags: bondage blowjob rough anal mindfuck comeuppance | 41 Comments Sadie's virtue is targeted by the cockiest bastard in the office. This has been burning inside me for days now – it’s driving me mad, keeping me up nights. I can’t hold it in anymore, I have to tell someone. If a guy called in wanting to be crushed like a bug, management would book her. She’d procure live crickets to be crushed in sympathy with the man. Read On Added: | Category: Flash Erotica | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 283 | Tags: bdsm dark | 31 Comments Thank you for calling Hello, 1-900-Dial-A-Babe. Okay, I’ll do my best to make sure you enjoy your first experience with me.

Read On Added: | Category: Erotic Poems | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 132 | Tags: flirtation teasing confrontation choice | 48 Comments The lies we tell ourselves, and the lies we tell others. Professionally, Alison spent a lot of time lying on her back, although she probably spent more time on her knees. Read On Added: | Category: Flash Erotica | Avg Score: 4.93 | Words: 377 | Tags: prostitution reluctance oral rough sex straight sex escort client | 28 Comments They say passion burns like eternal flames Your heart must be on fire You’re a long way past the time of games It’s all about desire When you look into my eyes I see And I feel through your eyes, too Knowing how you long to be set free Anticipating what I’ll do At the boiling point of what I lust You will do just fine Come get me, and with a thrust Tell me you are mine Any time... Read On Added: | Category: Erotic Poems | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 129 | Tags: fantasy sex pleasure orgasm | 14 Comments Where there is smoke, there is sure to be fire...

Alison used to pretend she was in sales or that she worked as a counselor, but then she found the perfect answer to that ordinary question. Read On Added: | Category: Erotic Poems | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 135 | Tags: plaything d/s loyalty poem | 6 Comments Thank You JWren for taking the time to edit my story and art work. Whether smoldering slowly Or quick to ignite Passion Enflamed is Impossible to fight Your hands on my body Your tongue tasting too Achy and Desperate I need to touch you.

She’d say, “I lie for a living.” “Are you lying now? I knew I would be in trouble, but I just couldn't help myself. Chatting in bed one night, Dave and I got into a discussion about sex toys. Drive you to frenzy Mad with lust Finally together Our bodies Combust The flames die down But will continue to linger Spent I lay next to you Tracing my finger…...

He knew I didn't have any good enough to provide me with real satisfaction so he decided to buy me a few from internet sites.

My strong-willed mind bent, knowing only you could make me want to submit. Just then, realizing I’d held my breath, an awkward inhale happened while trying not to wiggle. Read On Added: | Category: Anal | Avg Score: 4.2 | Words: 1,764 | Tags: sexy yoga yoga story erotic yoga butt plug | 2 Comments I feel no guilt, contrition, repentance, or regret. And ask that you spread your legs, and hear my silent confession. Read On Added: | Category: Erotic Poems | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 150 | Tags: sin | 19 Comments He lay stretched out on the narrow iron framed bed, Idly staring at the cracked and blotchy ceiling, Its surface resembling a map of no man's land, A senseless wilderness of craters and barbed wire.