Euphoria dating and image consulting

Groete Juliana Lianne Smuts is an amazing trainer and developer and their business is highly accredited.I have done my individual Image consulting course with her and will recommend her and their business with assurance and trust.You are right to insist on having qualified trainers and facilitators that are competent in all aspects of training as well as ensuring transfer of training. After long deliberation and research as to be at the right address for training of image consulting, I am extremely happy with my choice of 1st Solutions.

Once I finish the course, do I start my own business or am I contractually bound to 1st Solutions?We train you as an Independent Image Consultant which means that you will start your own business and do not need to pay us any levies or royalties on income that you generate.I actually have to calm myself down from time to time and remind myself to take it easy.My Course feedback: Very, Very well organised (in terms of course, setup, lunch etc) Facilitators are extremely patient and understanding.Image Consulting is all about managing perceptions.

Whether clients will use your services to land a new position in a company or to just wear the right colours, they benefit from all the advice you have to give, and you will enjoy sharing your knowledge with them.You practice what you preach (positive motivation for me) Just the overall success that you have achieved so far is a great inspiration for me personally, so in a year or two you might be coming to Namibia to assist me. Making a strong first impression is critical for success in all aspects of life.Soos jy weet was ek maar bietjie skepties voor die kursus, maar al my verwagtinge is oortref! As jy dus enige verwysings soek, kan jy enige tyd my naam en kontakbesonderhede vir 'n voornemende kursusganger gee.Wil maar net vir jou dankie gelukwens met die standaard en inhoud van die kursus.I thought we were going to do more theory but doing it the practical way was an absolute winner.