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Recurring guest voice actors Lori Alan, writer Danny Smith, writer Alec Sulkin and writer John Viener also made minor appearances.

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Nana Visitor voices the Enterprise viewscreen, while series writer and producer John Viener voices Spock in the cutaway."Extra Large Medium" was broadcast on February 14, 2010 in the United States as part of the animation television night on Fox.The episode got more criticism from the Parents Television Council during its original broadcast.Despite the controversy, critical responses to the episode were mostly positive; critics praised its storyline, numerous cultural references, and its portrayal of a person with Down syndrome.Peter stalls for time during the search (as he just wants to feel the victim's daughter's breasts), eventually resulting in a gruesome death when the bomb explodes, prompting Peter to flatly admit that he actually has no psychic powers whatsoever.

Meanwhile, during the time when Chris and Stewie were lost in the woods, Chris promises to ask out Ellen, a school classmate with Down syndrome.

As a result, they go missing for several days, with only limited supplies.

As Lois is at her wits' end, she decides to see a psychic medium who assures her of the children's safety and well being.

The episode was directed by series regular John Holmquist, and written by series show runner Steve Callaghan before the conclusion of the eighth production season.

Series regulars Peter Shin and James Purdum served as supervising directors, with Seth Mac Farlane and David Zuckerman working as staff writers for the episode.

While Stewie and Chris are lost in the forest overnight, Stewie plays a guessing game with one of the answers being Thornton Melon. While the police depend on Peter to help them find someone, Peter stalls by pretending to channel the spirit of Lou Costello; his exchange with Joe about the missing man, Mr.