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Although you do not need to obtain a specific license or paper document from the NRC; you do need to comply with all applicable domestic requirements, and should refer to 10 CFR §§ 110.50, 110.53, and 110.54.

If the commodity you wish to export/import is subject to NRC export/import licensing and not among those identified and authorized under one of the general license provisions, a specific NRC export/import specific license is required.

What types of radioactive materials and nuclear facilities/equipment can be exported or imported under a general license?

The NRC regulates the export of deuterium; who regulates the import of deuterium?

Import authority for deuterium falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Commerce. Information on NRC general licenses is found in 10 CFR §§ 110.19, 110.20, 110.50 and 110.53.

What radioactive materials and nuclear facilities/equipment are subject to NRC export/import licensing requirements?

Exports of the radioactive materials listed in 10 CFR § 110.9 and/or the nuclear facilities/ equipment listed 10 CFR § 110.8 must be authorized by NRC under a general or a specific license issued in accordance with NRC regulations.The regulations in 10 CFR Part 110 apply to all persons as defined in 10 CFR § 110.2 except that the regulations only apply to the Department of Energy for certain export activities.Subpart B of Part 110, addresses the standards and requirements for grants of exemptions from regulations and statutory licensing requirements.Examples of other Federal agencies involved in export/import licensing include: the Departments of Commerce, Energy, State, and Treasury. What nuclear reactor components are subject to NRC import licensing jurisdiction?Imports of production and utilization facilities as defined in 10 CFR § 110.2 must be authorized under a NRC general or specific license in accordance with the requirements contained in 10 CFR § 110.27.What exports/ imports are allowed under a general license?