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BBW Mermaid High Quality Print On Canvas, , Remember how I said that there are as many sexual preferences in this world as there are people?

Yep, that means that for some humans, the term BBW will hold sexual connotations (it did originate in porn, y'all).

It never ceases to amaze me how we welcome whipping and lashing with open arms when it's coming in the form of traditionally pretty characters, but bring out the torches as soon as someone talks fat sex.

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And that if they do ever find someone to love their roll-some bods, it'll obviously be someone who specifically has a "fat fetish." This is where tag lines like, "My body is not a fetish," (easily observed on social media, and often on the profiles of vocal fat activists) likely come from. Being told that your body is unloveable by all with the exception of sexual deviants is a pretty fucked up thing to hear.

I have two problems with the "BBW fetish" complex, though. These days, it feels like a word used to describe sexual preferences that people are uncomfortable with.

My pleasure is no more or less valid than anyone else’s.

I prefer to fuck men or women who don’t think I am sexy despite my fatness, but think I am sexy because I am smart and funny and yes, because I am fat and I am crazily turned on by the idea of getting fatter." To reiterate: Not all people who use the term BBW use it for sexual reasons.

I first came across the term BBW on Wordpress (where all my revelations in 2012 seemed to go down).

Acronymous for "big, beautiful woman (or women)," it popped up in the post of a male blogger who was examining the history of the Rubenesque in the art world.

The reality is that there are plenty of vocal porn stars out there (including BBW porn stars) who seem to love their work — and whose work is tied to visibility and representation of fat, empowered, sexually liberated bodies.

And there are plenty of women who enjoy watching porn themselves. Red Mermaid Print 5x7 BBW, , A lot of fat women grow up believing that the possibilities of finding love are very, very slim for them.

It's not just an Instagram hashtag, nor is it simply used in sketchy ass corners of the Webosphere.

Here are seven things you didn't know about the term BBW and its colorful existence.

From fat appreciators (people who see beauty in fatness, be it in themselves or others) to gainers (men, women, or anyone in between who find sexual satisfaction in gaining weight) to feeders (those who find sexual pleasure in having a partner who is actively gaining weight through eating) and feedees (those who find sexual pleasure in gaining weight themselves through eating, often with the help of a partner).