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Debates about sex robots typically focus on either the crude robotic sex toys of today or Hollywood’s science fiction fantasies such as “A. But there has been surprisingly little effort to find out what people think about robots and sex in the real world.

“Clearly these actors are finding new ways to modify their scripts, changing how quickly they respond to messages,” he said.“It won’t happen for about 50 minutes, 45 minutes, then [you’ll] get the message.” And rather than sending explicit messages and advertising links through Tinder itself, the new generation of bots will open with a quick compliment or attempt at flirtatious banter, then send a phone number or Kik username and ask would-be suitors to send them a text, according to Narang.And they’ve programmed their bots to try to mimic a normal conversation, hoping to trick users into providing their phone numbers before they realize they’ve been had, security researchers say.“They’re just average pictures of your average girl that you would encounter on Tinder,” said Narang, “so it’s harder to differentiate, ‘Oh yeah, that’s clearly a bot,’ while you’re swiping through.” The newer bots respond more slowly to messages than older automated accounts, which would often contact new matches and conspicuously send flirtatious messages faster than any human could type, Narang explained.Some spammers set up accounts for made-up sex workers, posting sultry photos overlaid with explicit price lists, along with fake escort service links actually pointing to porn sites and dubious premium dating services of the “hot girls in your area” variety.

A not-so-suble old style fake prostitute spam account.“Dont respond to msgs [sic] all at once or immediately; you will get busted pretty quick,” wrote one forum user named cygon, who also advised spammers to flesh out their bots’ accounts with photos and written profiles.“Spend some time to make your bot more personal,” cygon wrote. Once a guy gets feels a little emotionally involved he will go above and beyond to get a date.“If you can convince the person to actually sign up with a credit card for a premium service, that’s how you get the big bucks,” with some sites offering up to per new registration, he said.And since the proprietary protocol that connects Tinder’s i Phone and Android apps to its servers has been widely documented—tech entrepreneur Yuri de Souza published code last summer that he used to automatically swipe right on all of his potential matches—spammers can build bots from open source code mimicking Tinder’s internal interface or buy various commercial bots advertised online. Available for , “Tind Bot can be used by individuals wanting to meet more people, nightlife promoters trying to message a bunch of people in an area or businesses who want to communicate with young locals,” according to the product's website. And on various less-than-savory internet marketing forums, spammers trade tips for steering clear of Tinder’s spam detection systems and not raising users’ suspicions.Tinder didn’t reply to requests to comment for this article.