Camsex without sign in Fep definitions not updating

We can use the following FEP policy: Option “Updates from UNC file shares” has to be checked.

This may be caused by a missing system file an incorrect system settings, or problem with registry file.Another hot request from Customers about FEP is to allow the initial definition update after FEP client install is served up via Configuration Manager instead of from the live MU.These null files are also beneficial in case deployment through the Update deployment fails for some reason.Since the FEP deployment program will not apply policy after installation complete automatically, so the client need to explicitly run the apply FEP policy program afterwards.Step by step Example on how to do this with Task Sequence: Command Line: Initiate Software Updates Evaluation Program can run: whether or not a user is logged on. Check “Allow this program to be installed from the Install Software task sequence without being advertised”. Name wscript.sleep 1000*60*3 ‘sleep 3 minutes after initiating the scan for updates to allow the client finish scanning.

Step 1 – Install FEP Client: Package: Microsoft Corporation FEP – Deployment; Program: Install Step 2 – Apply Policy: Package: Microsoft Corporation FEP – Policies; Program: Default Desktop Policy Step 3 – Sleep for 5 minutes: Run Command Line: Package as you created in step 4. If update evaluation is trigger in thisway, then it will trigger an update scan cycle with flag force re-scan.3) If you trigger update evaluation through API or by click the initial update evaluation action through the client applet, then it will trigger an update scan cycle with no force re-scan flag and may not find the def update applicable.When assign FEP policy to clients, no matter what policy you assign with the specific program, it will always choose from all the FEP policies that are assigned to it and apply the one with the highest precedence.So you need to careful about the policies: make sure only the expected policy is assigned to the client which you plan to install the FEP client and the proper policies are assigned to the same client after it installed FEP client successfully and be added to the FEP Installed collection.In our testing, we found the following caveats: 1) You need wait for some time to trigger the Update scan cycle after FEP client is installed.