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Would be great to find someone with a car to share the ride down south.

There’s no reason to think that there’s no one out there for you.

In fact, across the country there are thousands of older South African singles looking to find love again.

I will start on the 12th of January with my little campervan and would love to have someone to share nice stories, experiences and the fuel costs ;) Would love to hear from you!

Hello I am starting my south New Zealand trip I am in Fox glacier now.

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I'm a bit injured now and wanted to make a road trip anyway.

=) I have rent a car from Jan 28th (Christchurch) until Feb 22nd (Auckland).

I really appreciate the silence and solitude as well than good company, so I try to keep the balance between the time with companions and the periods of time to myself.

Get in touch if youd like to jump in and we can talk about it, by the way I don't smoke, drink or eat meat and dairies. WANTED: Working / Travel Companion If you are interested in working / traveling together from the beginning of February, I could help you find a fruit picking job.

I try to avoid the big cities and highways and I drive at 50-80km/h, ..motion.30km at the mountains.