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You won’t get paid though, so you need to save up some money prior to your trip in order to survive over there.

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At the end of the program you will get a work reference from your employer, that will be very valuable in any job application that you send from now on.

American companies like to see references from companies that they can call to verify information, if needed.

But you’ll need to work hard for it and take action.

This is a great opportunity mainly for young female adults to experience the USA and live with an American family to learn more about the culture and every day life.

Try to get a position, that would eventually be considered for a transfer to the company’s branch in America.

After a little while, talk to your boss and mention your interest to be transfered abroad whenever the opportunity might arise.

Also keep your eyes and ears open about any job openings in the American branch of this company.

Employers are often more willing to transfer their own employees abroad than to hire a new person, that they don’t know yet. There are many specialized professions that are in high demand for skilled international workers.

If you don’t fit into the categories above, don’t worry, I’ve met so many immigrants with so many different backgrounds and stories to tell.

There’s potential in any job, if you’re motivated enough and hook up with the right companies.

The other option is a little bit of a detour, but might pay off in the long run.