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It is a ball game that can be played indoors or outdoors in a court divided by a low net with two opposing teams (one, two or three players) who try to score a point hitting the ball with any part of their body except for the hands and making it bounce in the opponent's area in a way that makes it difficult or impossible for the other team to return it over the net.

In 1922 the members of the football club Slavia Prague started playing a game which they called football over the rope, because it was initially played over a horizontally suspended rope, which was later replaced by a net.

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Usually two or three players on each side could touch the ball three times (not two consecutive touches by the same player) with all parts of the body except for the arms and could let the ball bounce once between the touches, altogether three times before passing it on the other side. The first futnet cup was played in 1940 and between 1953-1961 first league called Trampská liga was played and it was banterous.

In 1961, futnet was recognised as an official sport by Czechoslovak Sports Organisation (ČSTV) and the Prague Futnet Commission was established. The players may not touch the net during the game, otherwise it is a point for the opponent.

Current EFTA members include Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Basque Country, Denmark, England, Poland, Ukraine and Austria.

EFTA is the continental association of UNIF in Europe.

In 1971 the "Český nohejbalový svaz" (Czech Futnet Association) was founded In all the disciplines, a set finishes with 11th point with a two-point difference, maximum score is . The futnet ball is similar to a football in size, but is glued, made of 32 panels, of synthetic (natural) leather and when properly inflated, should bounce more than half a meter.

In 1987, the International Footballtennis Association (IFTA, later renamed to FIFTA, the Federation International de Footballtennis Association) was founded.

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In 2010, Union Internationale de Futnet (UNIF) was founded by some former FIFTA members, later joined by other nations, to govern, regulate and promote the sport of futnet.

In April 2010 European Futnet Association (EFTA) was founded in Marseille, France, to reactivate the sport in Europe where it had been stagnating under FIFTA.

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