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Start by opening the folder, switch to Design view, and then drag an Object Data Source control from the Toolbox onto the page's design surface.

The Object Data Source appears as a gray box on the design surface because it does not produce any markup; it simply accesses data by invoking a method from a specified object.

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You can, however, configure the Object Data Source through its properties, either through the Properties window or directly in the declarative markup.

Simply set the Even if you prefer the Configure Data Source wizard there may be times when you need to manually configure the Object Data Source, as the wizard only lists developer-created classes.

A Skin is a file that defines the default properties for a Web control.

Specifically, we'll have a Skin file for the Grid View and Details View controls, indicating the default -related properties for any Grid View in any page that uses the Data Web Controls Theme.

The properties at the Web control we'd need to remember to explicitly set these property values for each and every data Web control added to our tutorials.

A more manageable approach is to define the default CSS-related properties for the Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls using a Theme.The Details View control offers this functionality, rendering as an HTML with two columns and one row for each column or property bound to the control.You can think of the Details View as a Grid View with a single record rotated 90 degrees.Add a Grid View control from the Toolbox to 's design surface.From the Grid View's smart tag, choose the Object Data Source control we added in Step 1.If you want to bind the Object Data Source to a class in the .