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is the leading classifieds website for users in the Middle East and worldwide.Since its launch in 29th Jan 2016, Khaleej Ad has become the number one platform for users to buy, sell, or find anything in their community.

Subversion will now remember our certificate and your connections will be secured.If the data on your screen does not match, your connection may be compromised.Just enter who you are looking for, male/female, age, region and off you go, it’s that simple.If you prefer to be a little more choosy then you can select the advanced search and enter preferences such as appearance, lifestyle, background and interests.Or perhaps you meet someone who you’re not so keen on keeping in contact with, in which case you can add them to your blocked list and never hear from them again.

There is no winking, although we find winking very informal and even rude, it won’t be missed.The site do not publish their membership numbers, so unfortunately it’s impossible to say just how many people have signed-up.But you will of course find the most important tool to communicate with other members, and that’s email.I am fairly new at running a Linux server, so any help would be appreciated.Yes, when I login as my own user, I can do a SVN co and accept the certificate permenently.BTW - I am running the Redmin 1586 on Ubuntu Hardy.