Fred plans to disguise himself as Jagged in an attempt to reconcile with Wilma.Meanwhile, in the audience, Chip proposes to Wilma, but she is unresponsive.


Fred then comes on stage disguised as Jagged and briefly sings to Wilma.

He apologizes for his behavior earlier before proposing to her.

Chip and his girlfriend Roxie are visited by two gangsters named Big Rocko and Little Rocko to collect a lot of money owed by Chip, who claims his upcoming marriage to Wilma will get him access to the Slaghoople fortune, and the gangsters consider that plan creditable, so they agree to suspend collections until after the wedding. When Barney tries to keep Fred from high-stakes poker, Chip sends Roxie to seduce Barney for an escort to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Chip keeps Fred gambling to miss his dinner date with the others.

However, he does not really feel a connection with Betty, nor does Barney with Wilma, until both men switch dates.

Wilma invites her new friends home to a birthday party for her father, Colonel Slaghoople, where all are shocked by her wealth.

Korman was the voice of The Great Gazoo in the animated series. " Ann-Margret, who guest-starred as "Ann-Margrock" in the animated series' season four episode "Ann-Margrock Presents", sings the theme song, which is a slightly rewritten version of the song from Viva Las Vegas.

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas opened theatrically on April 28, 2000 and earned ,518,435 in its first weekend, ranking second to U-571 The film ended its run on August 17, 2000, having grossed ,268,275 domestically and ,200,000 overseas for a worldwide total of ,468,275.

Wilma breaks up with Fred over not spending any time with her.

Chip warns her of burglaries and arranges that Fred loses everything before slipping Wilma's pearls in Fred's pocket and asking him to empty them. When Barney protests that Fred would do no such thing, and that Fred would not even be able to crack his own knuckles without help, Chip accuses Barney of being Fred's accomplice and has him arrested, as well.

Fred and Barney are smitten with the waitresses and invite them to a carnival, with Fred dating Betty and Barney taking Wilma.