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Victoria Drummond | Over three years ago, we set out to replace our existing academic platforms with a new offering founded on three key goals; To bring together our journals and books content into a single platform To create the optimum user experience To develop a stable and high performing technology base to support current needs David Salisbury | 26 January 2017 A new study in Paleobiology has compared the diet of a variety of Australian megafaunal herbivores from the period when they were widespread (350,000 to 570,000 years ago) to a period when they were in decline (30,000 to 40,000 years ago) by studying their fossil teeth.

The analysis suggests that climate change had a significant impact on their diets and may well have been a primary factor in their extinction.

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Shade provided by overhanging rock work, arching bogwood, tall or floating plants are all that is required.

Ideally substrate should be sand, but rounded gravel is an imperfect alternative.

The publishing industry is going through a period of considerable change and experimentation; although Cambridge University Press has over 400 years’ experience and success in academic publishing, we can’t rest on our laurels and we need to keep thinking about ways to do things better.…

Timothy Robinson | 24 January 2017 Development of Resistance to antimicrobials is developing faster than ever before due to decades of abusing these important drugs.

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