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The feature, which is expected to be available in the coming days, will allow the app's more than 1 billion users to speak face to face with friends and family, regardless of whether they are using Android, i Phone and Windows devices."We're introducing this feature because we know that sometimes voice and text just aren't enough," Whats App said in a blog post late Monday."And we want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks."To place a video call, users merely open a chat, click the phone icon, choose the video call option in the menu and start talking.The app is also popular among users concerned with privacy and security, thanks to its ability to provide end-to-end encryption.

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You can make paid calls to landline and mobile users, but video calls have to take place between Skype users.The app also offers HD quality for both voice and video.It is seamless and very easy to operate once you have installed the plugin needed on your machine. Facetime offers excellent video quality with a very simple and easy-to-use interface.The main problem with it is that it works exclusively on Apple’s operating systems and devices – Mac OS, i Phone, i Pad and i Pod.There are apps and services that allow you to make completely free video calls and video chat sessions on your desktop or laptop computer.

You first need to have a DSL line with sufficient bandwidth for video communication, a webcam, audio input and output devices (or a headset), and more importantly a video calling app behind which there is a service that allows free video calls. Skype is the most popular app for voice and video calling.In the mobile market Skype has since long been dethroned by Whats App and Viber, but it still remains the most prominent tool for free communication on computers.Besides, users who don't know much about Vo IP tend to subconsciously interchange between Vo IP and Skype.Our goal at Whats App has always been to help as many people as possible stay in touch with friends, family, and others they care about. And we did it in a way that works across thousands of device and platform combinations all over the world.That means making a product that’s simple, easy to use, and accessible no matter where you are. Today we’re excited to announce the next step in our efforts to connect people – Whats App video calling.It offers great quality video calling with other Google users within your browser.