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This other option was to sign up for what is called a “secured” credit card.

The terms on these cards offer are horribly one-sided in favor of the lender, but can I assure you it is a small price to pay for the result you receive after only a few months.

The website has a monthly fee of ,95, that will give you a FICO score, which includes the three credit reporting agencies, and the fee also includes credit tracking.

If you are good with only one of the three then it will cost .95.

With a credit card in hand, my parents worried I would spend money I couldn’t pay off and build a lifestyle I couldn’t really afford rather than learning to save money.

They also worried I would lose track of the concept of having to work for items that I was receiving, as well as the curse of living above my means which many Americans fall victim to on a daily basis.

His reasoning was that, when you apply, they do a hard credit check which, in turn, can lower your credit score even more.

He also told me that no major bank was going to accept my credit application anyway, but that there was actually a different, better option to consider.

While paying those outstanding debts isn’t going to raise your credit score, it will keep it from getting any worse.

Now that you’re paid up on all your bills, it’s time to give your credit score a serious boost.

” When I was finally prepared to get a credit card on my own, none of the banks I applied with would give me a chance.

I had to walk into the banks and tell them what is probably the typical story for anyone who is in their final years of college, or have just graduated very recently from college.

Credit Karma will show you your credit score based on their own scale.