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A significant initiative with commercial real estate effects was passed on last week’s ballot in Los Angeles. initiative, was sent to the voters in the general election of Nov. In Los Angeles City, JJJ passed with 64% of the vote at over 461,000 votes and according to JDSupra law blog, takes effect within ten days of the certification of vote results, or, on November 19, 2016.Expected to take effect this month, the measure changes, almost overnight, the labor and affordable housing requirements for developers building in the city, affecting multifamily projects with ten or more units, as well as other projects. Affecting projects that ask for a zoning exemption, a plan amendment, a height change or a authorization of residential use of land where previously not permitted, JJJ requires developers of projects with ten residential units or above to provide a percentage of affordable housing units on-site.Plenty of people on below-average incomes have stellar scores, while many seriously wealthy individuals would struggle to get a cell phone account without first paying a deposit. It may take you a while to get current with all your accounts, and then build a record of prompt payments, but, once you have, your score can change dramatically and relatively quickly.

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Offer limited to US residents who are eighteen years of age or older.With your subscription to EPIX from your television provider, you can view EPIX on your TV, on VOD, on the internet (According to Vantage Score, one of the companies that devise scoring systems, each such inquiry could decrease your score by 10 or 20 points.However, the damage done by comparison shopping is much less.That seven-year rule applies to virtually all entries, including -- in spite of another myth -- those concerning accounts you've closed.

A credit score is a three-digit number that presents a snapshot of your overall creditworthiness on a particular day.If you thought ancient Greece was the home of myths, you should check out modern America.Certainly when it comes to credit scores, many of us believe stories that would make Homer blush.If you're worried about existing or potential employers accessing your credit score when you apply for a promotion or new job, relax. That's just not true, but you can see why this is a common myth.If lenders check your report because you've applied to them for new credit, that does have an impact.However, Sprauve warns against opening new accounts unless you do actually need them.