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Barlow,” according to the Arizona Attorney General’s office – a leg up on acting FLDS leader William Jessop on the creepiness index. #2 Pastor Steven Anderson Run out of a strip mall in Tempe in what looks like a converted call center, the Faithful Word Baptist Church is the domain of Pastor Steven Anderson, a young, vaguely hipster-ish holy man who once proposed that President Barack Obama “should be stricken with brain cancer.” You know, as part of a sermon. And if throat cancer didn’t stop him, or a stretch in federal prison, or who-knows-how-many biker-grade benders, would any among us willingly pick him for an enemy? Using these and other metrics (hurricanes, dentists, etc.), the real estate search site Estately recently compiled a ranking of America’s scariest states. Find a category-by-category breakdown of our fearsome performance below.

“Don’t expect anything contemporary or liberal,” Anderson admonishes on the church website, which is reasonable, and would seem to leave ample middle ground between “I’m not a fan of the president” and “Hey, God, why don’t you give him brain cancer? Source: Bears: Arizona’s population of black bears is typically docile; before one ornery specimen went on a rampage in the Tonto National Forest two years ago, Arizona had experienced only 10 attacks in 22 years.

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To be sure, Arizona has given America the heebie jeebies hard and often over recent years, from the blood-stained saga of Jodi Arias to the underage sister wives of Colorado City.So it was a little distressing when he copped to a secret life as an Internet troll, where his exotic theories about Franklin Delano Roosevelt (caused the Great Depression, responsible for Hitler) and welfare recipients (“lazy pigs”) appeared on various websites under pseudonyms like Falcon9 and Thucydides.One can only begin to imagine the gross distortions of office routinely perpetrated by Mayor Allred, who – according to a report in the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail – continues to take his marching orders from absentee FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, currently jailed in Texas. Profiled on several occasions in the Phoenix New Times, and famed in nativist circles for burning the Mexican flag outside the country’s consulates in Tucson and Phoenix, she’s arguably the most recognizable face of Arizona’s extreme-right anti-immigration caucus, over more closely-placed activists like “Buffalo” Rick Galeener and Glenn Spencer, the head of American Border Patrol. Sonny Barger Never a physically imposing figure in the classic biker-brute mold, the modestly-proportioned Hells Angels founder makes scary hay with steely smarts and shrewdness.According to the report, Allred and Jeffs corresponded via snail mail in June of 2012, when the mayor sought Jeffs’ opinion on issues ranging from minting Colorado City currency to selecting a new chief of police. Now 75 and living in Cave Creek – where he relocated in 1998 – Barger remains the de facto leader of the world’s best-known and most-feared outlaw motorcycle club, its most recognizable face and most vigorous link to the club’s counterculture Oakland heyday. He was basically Louella Parsons with Adobe Photoshop.

Born Hooman Karamian in Hackensack, New Jersey, the former credit card processor launched in 2007, offering the world crudely-captioned photographic evidence of Scottsdale in spread-eagle Gomorrah mode, a daily parade of ,000 millionaires, apple martinis and lopsided back to the community.” The home page is larded with high-minded quotes from Aesop and Dickens, and links to various charities.There’s no mention of the 0,000 he paid rap star Ludacris to play a 45-minute set at his star-studded Christmas party four years ago, or the million settlement he reached with the state of Texas in the midst of an investigation into his text-messaging company, Jawa, for fraud and improper billings.And you want to argue that “C” grade on your term paper? After all, how would air travelers at Sky Harbor that day know Steinmetz was a non-murderous brain researcher, and not a wacko bent on bloodshed? One of them might have conceivably ripped the rifle off his shoulder and gone all Scarface on Terminal 3. He was more interested in showing us all what a bunch of craven sissies we are for not having AR-15s of our own.And to pick up a venti no-foam latte in the bargain. #5 Jason Hope Jason Hope is a wonderful, charitable human being – and if you don’t believe it, he has nine web domains linking back to his eponymous website,, where you’ll find the following evidence: “Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist and investor located in Scottsdale, Arizona with a passion for... We like to think blogger Nik Richie had something to do with that piece of television scriptwriting.