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To learn more about how this service works, please read about EMF Mail.

The agency is requested to deliver the EMF mail within 24 hours and obtain the lady's reply within 72 hours.

If you do not wish to receive this kind of mail from ladies, you can change your Live Chat settings.

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We will consider whether your credit will be returned based on this policy.During the mail forwarding process, situations can occur where there is incomplete understanding, unclear expression or errors in the messages received.Ladies’ responses are delivered to you on an "as-is" basis by the local agency.If you are unhappy with the response, please check our Refund Policy to see if it meets the requirements.The agency staff will make every reasonable effort to ensure your messages are delivered to the lady in a timely manner.

Methods include telephone, email, fax, instant messaging, etc.To check the status of your sent mail, sign in to your account and go to Services Sent Mail.The status is listed as: - U: A paper copy of your mail will be printed by the agency - P: The agency has received your mail and will deliver it as soon as possible - D: The agency has delivered your mail If the delivery process takes longer than normal, usually you will be notified in the "Remarks" field beside the corresponding mail.Another possible reason is that the mail is hidden because the agency has spotted a mistake in it.If this is the case, please check your credit history.Important note: Compose your message in MS Word first, then copy and paste it to EMF to avoid losing any messages.