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I want you to know that it means so so much to me and how amazing you guys are. Im a virgo thats what I do lol and one more for good measure 11. Im happy and so fkn proud of who I am and what I do and they are totally accepting of that.

In fact im going to get you all sprung with my spring special. I will always put my family my dogs and my career first its non negotiable. Have you ever had sex with anyone whos dick was smaller than your designer #fuckmeheels taylor ? So my FIRST answer is @nikkibenz she is canadian she is fucking gorgeous she is down to earth and real as fuck .

Everyone use this free link and join me PLAYWITHTAY. The key to my heart though is honesty, loyalty, and laughter. Then there are so many others on my list @sarajayxxx cause we always have fun together and she is the epitome of fun…

But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution?

So, before i get into the March Madness promo let me fill you in on some of the most awesome things that have taken place.

I also just saw the NFL schedule and i am so ready for the Patriots to fkn kick ass and defend their title as superbowl champs. If I ever feel that way about someone then I just might think they are the one. It’s ok and I would like to thank all of my fans that I complained about this post to that came on here to defend me bc let’s face it, no hot girl comes w stretch marks, tummy tattoos, glasses, or a nose like mine.

Time for some REAL answers to REAL questions as stupid, sweet, offensive, or nice as they can be Im always me, like me love me hate me this is who i am this is why you love me and I will never change. But again ive never been for marriage lol but you never know life is short and things come for a reason. I’m sorry to the hot girl I took that NHL seat from.

I know its tough when my schedule gets a little irregular and i have been getting all your notifications dont worry . If you love someone, but yall both stubborn and wont say anything, what do you do ? That one is super hard cause there are soo many sexy girls that I love as friends and as performers.

But i will be online non-stop the next couple of months and am looking forward to enjoying every minute of it with you. Ive been in a lot of bad relationships…since my ex I never really bothered to entertain the idea of a relationship, and i am too career focused for many men. Im not interested in a man that doesnt know how to please a woman. When you say hardcore i assume you mean girls that have been with men on film.

That they recognized the hard work and dedication that I put into what I do, that I love what I do and that is such an amazing feeling im so blessed. I really do have the most amazing fans in the world.

You guys have been with me from the beginning through everything tough everything good and bad and you have supported me in so many ways.

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