Fun dating games

The one where you knock the ball around through the little metal rings on the grass? Once you’ve got that, get ready for a trip down memory lane and (again) a chance to laugh and get to know each other.

Guitar Hero is one of our favorite date activities when we don’t feel like going out.

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If you’re competitive, you can battle for the highest score.

Plus even if your date is a total dud, you’ll have a good time jamming out.

You can buy pizza or food and drinks elsewhere and bring it in to avoid using the snackbar (expensive, too). Again they don’t happen all of the time, but when they come you don’t want to miss them.

Air force bases put on the best shows, and often times there are planes parked on the ground that you can walk around and look in. They have these all of the time too, if you’re watching for them.

If you pick the right place, this can also be a very romantic date. Studies show that exercise gets things moving in your brain and actually (1) give you more confidence and (2) make your date respond better to your … For a first date, this might be a little better in a group environment but it’s a good way to keep busy if your date is boring.

This can be expensive, but you can’t really lose as long as you’re seeing someone good.It’s a race where these hard core girls (often dressed gothic) race around and knock each other down.I’m not sure how the rules work, but it’s a full contact sport and lots of fun to watch!Also, be sure to check out our new list of Valentines Day date ideas!Dallin and Katie It can be pretty comical (and impressive) to see what kind of clothes you can get at a thrift store for . Rather than wasting your time watching another TV show together because you can’t think of anything better to do, why not use one of these ideas to throw some spice in to your love life?