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Passersby scoff at the sight, but a few curious individuals question what the hell they just witnessed.

Snooping inside, the outcasts find themselves welcomed by total strangers left and right.

Donald Duck, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Winnie the Pooh are just a few notable furry characters that gave us comfort and entertainment as we ached to find our place in the world as kids.

A hub for diversity, it is no surprise that San Francisco has formed a massive furry community of its own that has brought furries from around the Bay Area together to socialize with like-minded people and share like-minded art.

The Bay Area has thousands of furries who create and take pleasure in furry music, furry drawings, and the flashy fursuits that have become the public’s main representation of the fandom.

Now it is anywhere from fifteen to fifty dollars depending on the artist.” Wilson has been a furry artist for eleven years and has used the money to pay her way through college.

She says it was the art and the surrounding community that brought her to the fandom when she was first introduced to it on yerf.com, a then PG-rated furry art site.

Written by Chantel Genest A purple fox is spotted walking upright on Harrison Street in the Mission District.

It halts at the corner, greeted with hugs from a brown teddy bear, a silver wolf, and a neon bunny just outside a dark and narrow cavern blaring electronic dance music.

The party gathered artists to share collections of furry art and short stories, along with a viewing of Warner Bros. This themed party influenced Merlino and O’Riley to hold the first Furry Convention in 1990, Con Furence, which paved the way for furry conventions and meetups to sprout up throughout the nation.

Today, San Jose is home to one of the largest annual furry conventions, Further Confusion.

They drink, meet new friends, and dance their tails off, literally.

Furries, a growing subculture supported around an extensive love of anthropomorphic art, was once secluded to chat rooms and forums on the Internet.

“The artists tend to push together and play off each others ideas,” says Henifin.