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798 Art District is only a 10 minute bike ride away & is an area to be savoured.


Meil on heameel anda oma panus Eesti suurte traditsioonidega tööstusharu arengusse,“ märkis ABB Balti riikide elektrimasinate korrashoiuvaldkonna juht Kaarel Variksaar. Järgmise kahe ja poole aasta jooksul tarnib ABB vastavalt lepingule VKG-le neli kompressorit ja neli mootorit, mis paigaldatakse rajatavatesse õlitehastesse. „Seadmed on mõeldud kasutamiseks VKG järgnevate aastate tähtsaimates arendusprojektides – Petroter II ja Petroter III tehastes.We saw that our paintings were extraordinarily similar and this has created a strong connection between us.We have been lucky enough to spend some time in each other’s countries working together even though we do not speak the same language.Things are constantly changing here – so rapidly I’ve noticed an equal rate of growth & stagnation here in 3 short weeks – but there is a quietness in the area that is to be valued.

At first it felt a little isolated but once I conquered my fear of the traffic (stick to the right & don’t hesitate), nothing is too far away on the bike & it didn’t take long to appreciate the peace & quiet of this far flung corner of Beijing.We have both been working in the shared studio and Katie’s paintings are a joy to watch as they come to life.When I arrived in Beijing it was three days later that I had a collaborative exhibition of my work with the Chinese artist Wu Guo Wei open at Peking University, Centennial Hall.I have named the pale blue bike which means eggplant.For those future 24HR Art artist in residence I envy you already – the place is great and Katie and I did consider saying it was a disaster etc so that no one would want to come and we could stay on.I had a very strong reaction to my creating works using traditional Chinese materials in a new style and have had interest in future exhibitions of my work here.