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Living together with her father, who led a miscellaneous life has brought her nothing but disappointment, sorrow and tears.

She had hurt so many pure living hearts and she wasn't aware of the destruction of people’s feelings and of her self destruction.

She replaces the bulb-like hair accessories with red tassel-like ribbons.

He then orders the Angel Wing members into their rooms and gives the aspiring youth and our protagonist a few minutes to make his ultimate decision.And just like the previous trilogy, depending on the affection of the Angels, the three with the highest levels will ask if they could be his date to the resort.She is however, not without her flaws as she is naive when it comes to certain aspects of socialization due to her strict military upbringing and no-bull lifestyle.She’s a perfectionist and as such has a stubbornness to get things done right.This time around, I’d like to go left field for this one and go into greater detail about the character and why they’re cool and deserve some love. Sherbet is a character from the anime, manga and visual novel series .

For this post, I’ll be focusing on her visual novel counterpart because that is the one I’m most familiar with and the anime is more comedy-oriented and it doesn’t do her justice. It features a brand new cast of Angels called the Rune Angel Troupe.Her introduction is a bit odd, she is introduced in the first game, but she isn’t actually seen and formally introduced to Kazuya until half way through (she is mentioned by her mentor Forte and the other members of the Angel Wing though).Once she and Kazuya meet she realizes she was not able to spend time with him like the others and thus begins a “relationship building exercise” to get them familiar with each other.Examples given are wearing matching shirts (Ranpha), eating sweets at the tea longue (Milfeulle), imitating Forte’s trust exercise, visiting Kazuya’s room in an animal costume (Mint) and drinking tea (Chitose).The last thing she does with their time together is clean his ears (Vanilla H.).For me, I always liked dating sims because making choices in them always gave me the “You never know what life has in store for you” vibe.