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Quote Developer Campo Santo Publisher Panic Expectations were high for Telltale’s Walking Dead creators when they founded their new company, and they were met with this fascinatingly low-key follow-up. Even when the thriller part fades, the exquisite character piece remains.Quote Developer The Fullbright Company Publisher In-house The touching background story of young love and sexual confusion is arguably the most talked about part, but it’s digging through the artefacts of a strange time not so long ago that makes this less an adventure game than time travel.

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This is the exception, not simply latching onto classic stories like some kind of fondness vampire, but mixing them together into the Land of the Green Isles—a place that became more than the sum of its parts, with imagination around every corner, beautiful scenery, and by far the series’ best writing, which isn’t too surprising given that it was Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen at the typewriter.Quote “Girl in the toooooooooooower, I’m reaaaaaaaching out, please teeeeeeelll me what to doooooo!Quote Developer Lucas Film Games Publisher In-house Another Lucas classic, where music is magic and the world is very blue indeed.Why this never got a sequel is a mystery: it was confident and yet never flashy, short but sweet, simple but touching.An inspired take on Ankh-Morpork full of HP Lovecraft parodies, noir monologues and detectiving in a world of trolls, vampires and werewolves, it worked beautifully, and even had some dialogue and other input from the man himself. Much of the game is about finding matching pairs of words to build a machine: SUGAR and SPICE for instance, and they weren’t allowed to change any.

Quote Developer Burst Publisher Virgin Christopher Lloyd, as Drew Blanc, explores a saccharine land of kiddy cartoons that takes a hard right into BDSM cows, evil clowns popping bunny balloons in the eye, and Tim Curry being... Quote Developer Freebird Games Publisher In-house Something adventures do better than any other genre is the more thoughtful story, with no need to be broken up every five minutes to punch a demon or race a car.Not for everyone, but a very absorbing take on the genre.Quote Developer Sierra Online Publisher In-house While a legendary series, most of the King’s Quest games are better left as nostalgic memories.Quote Developer Wadjet Eye Games Publisher In-house The series about a shy medium and her ghost partner trying to save lost souls in New York unquestionably started out a bit janky, but it quickly turned into an exceptionally heartfelt and successful sequence of adventures.Grounded in a rare sense of sympathy, written with an eye for minimalism, and showing constant improvements, it’s a game that started out being inspired by the classics but soon proved itself worthy of sitting alongside them.Her Story isn’t the only good FMV game ever made, despite what some will say, but it is a genuinely brilliant attempt to use the format for the kind of interactions it was created to offer, instead of bending over backwards to make it do things it never should have been asked to in the first place.