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But thankfully, a few more lighthearted films made it through without dwelling too seriously on any of these subjects. With the advent of crowdfunding and the increased accessibility of filmmaking technology, the barrier to entry to producing a movie has been lowered considerably.And thanks to streaming services like Netflix, seeing these movies outside of your local arthouse or LGBT film festival is finally a possibility.As it turns out, acting is just acting, and the acting in this movie is bad!Acting aside, there is a scene that so grossly misunderstands how marijuana edibles are made that I almost turned No, it really doesn’t. He’s so judgmental and sanctimonious about his standards of sexual purity that watching this movie is a bit like spending 90 minutes chatting with one of countless gay men who truly believe they are the only gay person who isn’t “really into the scene.” Even if you do not hook up, nothing about the stale acting or dull plotting of this movie will appeal to you. Loving Annabelle (2006) At a brisk 75 minutes, this film has the distinction of making its relatively short running time feel like an interminable PBS miniseries.There isn’t really much of a change in any of these characters from start to finish, which is particularly upsetting for Blaine (Nicholas Downs), who inadvertently catfishes a hot guy he meets in a chatroom (in 2010, imagine! Trapped in the curious place between glossy lesbian softcore and Lifetime Movie of the Week, has a hard time figuring out exactly what it wants to be or what it wants to say.

There are a few moments of fun Hogwarts vibes at the boarding school that will make you wish Annabelle would spend more time with her weird, wide-eyed, socially deficient, possum-keeping roommate and less time trying to awkwardly seduce her teacher. The Seminarian (2006) I struggled with where to put this one on the list.It’s a finely crafted piece of filmmaking, but takes such a bleak view of what it means to be gay (any man-on-man affection in this movie made me feel so desperately sad about being gay in general that I had to remind myself my life feature two graphic cow-birthing scenes and one instance of child rape, but there really isn’t much romance to be found.Listen, I know this is a highbrow movie I’m supposed to admire, and I fully admit I’m probably not enough of a cinephile to appreciate its technical prowess, but if you’re just looking to watch two dudes fall in love in the Czech countryside, this isn’t the film for you.They weren’t quite strong enough to carry this thing across the finish line. Happy End (2014) I’m happy to report that, having completed this project, “lesbian road trip” is now one of my all-time favorite genres of films, but this isn’t a shining example.When I first started watching the many LGBT romance movies of international origin of Netflix, I wondered if I would be able to differentiate good and bad acting through a language barrier, which, in retrospect, was a devastatingly idiotic thing to think.My method is hardly scientific—wildly, I picked the movies I .