Genealogy dating of old photographs

Includes grave preservation and the strengthening of ties via the family tree.History of two Irish immigrants arriving separately in Australia in the 1800's, marrying, establishing a family home in New Farm Brisbane and raising six children.

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Includes surnames Batchelor, Bates, Bennett, Bethwaite, Butcher, Copcut, Dawson, Pocock, Richardson, Schwerzmann, Scott and West.Preserving the history of the Combs Cemetery in Izard County, Arkansas.The English had certain patterns that were used to name sons and daughters.Hopefully you can find some help in the links below.Includes photographs from 1896 to 1930's as well as a map of the area circa 1895.

Family history of Marcia Rose La Verdiere and Taylor Huntington (Hunt) Conard.

Surnames include Andrews, Booth, Brayford, Burrell, Edge, Groves, Houghton, Johnson, Malthouse, Osgood, Avery, Biggs, Crabb, Harrington, Houtz, Rofe, Strang and Wright.

Non-profit society formed by the heirs of Ralph Waldo Crouch to maintain the family farm and to preserve buildings and landmarks connected with the Crouch family.

Descendants of John Jordan Cooper and Louisa Slay Cooper who settled next to a basin off the Blackwater River, east of Milton, Florida in 1856.

Includes family histories, photographs, charts, maps and documentation.

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