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For internationally-minded students, it can be tough to choose where to attend university.

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“See it as a chance to spend the day with your spouse together and have a great time, a kind of holiday for your relationship. Don't expect your partner to be your whole world “There's this fantasy about finding a partner for everything, for ever and ever,” Hegmann says.

“The expectations are too great and no-one is able to fulfil them.

That's not what a relationship is about.” Instead, Hegmann suggests, learn to recognise that nobody is perfect – and that you need to find a relationship that works for your life stage.

“You won't find love in your forties the same way you found love at 25,” he says.

“In the end, everyone needs love and is looking for love,” is Hegmann's conclusion.

But he does offer a few conclusions on singles from the survey that might give you a headstart in Germany: Paris, Madrid, Berlin...“German men are rather suspicious, they think it's a conspiracy of florists and jewellers,” Hegmann said.On the other hand, he cited a recent study showing that 30 percent of women would like a present on the day.“A lot of people try to stay young and be part of the crowd – this isn't going to work, and it didn't work out the first time! Everyone is looking for the same thing The Parship study showed that Germans prize honesty, loyalty, good conversation, openness and humour above all else in a partner.That broadly matched what their fellow EU citizens said they were looking for.As one of the internet's premier German dating sites, we've built a community of singles who love Germany and its culture, making it easy to find a match who shares your interests and passions.