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He garnered admiration and fame for his designs for First Lady are recognized as being the “single biggest fashion influence in history” by film costume designer, Edith Head.Cassini’s contemporary designs such as the A-line, Sheath and the Empire Strapless continue to remain influential and predominant today.

Before Grace Kelly came on the scene, she was Prince Rainier of Monaco's mistress for six years.

They supposedly parted when a physical examination reported that she was infertile.

The book presents a variety of silhouettes—from elegant Empire-style floor-length gowns to flirty short dresses and sophisticated suits.

The same electrifying elegance resonates, whether an informal ceremony, a formal evening affair or a spontaneous trip to City Hall.

She was with Aumont whom Oleg Cassini already knew (they had competed for the love of Gene Tierney in the past).

According to Oleg, when they met, Grace told Oleg she was in love with Ray Milland.

Also included are Cassini’s original sketches accompanied by 200 color and black-and-white photographs of the First Lady as she tours India, France, England, and Italy, shows off the White House, and hosts state dinners and family gatherings.

Public moments as well as private ones capture the great elegance and charm of one of the most admired and emulated women in the world.

She was warm and funny and caring, also very disciplined about her work. Up till now our relationship had been platonic, but we had such a wonderful time that she asked me what my intentions were. We became secretly engaged.“Later I saw sharks in the water. From Jacqueline Kennedy to Grace Kelly, Oleg Cassini’s designs are synonymous with the world’s most glamorous women.

It was 1955, and Paris Match introduced Grace to Prince Rainier as a photo publicity stunt for a magazine article. She said Rainier was nice, but that was it.“We came back to New York and Grace was becoming a superstar. The weekend I spent in Ocean City was the worst of my life. The same electrifying elegance resonates with his magnificently crafted bridal gowns.

A gorgeously revised edition of this fashion favorite book, which combines Cassini’s memoirs of working closely with Jacqueline Kennedy during her brief White House years, his fashion philosophies and ideas, and the iconography of the early 1960s style and energy of the Kennedy years.