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They gravitate toward the voyeuristic forms of sexual behavior, i.e., chronic masturbation, Internet pornography, strip clubs and the use of real-time videos (webcams).

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Female sex addicts are often portrayed as manipulative, power hungry, sex crazed and shameless individuals.On the popular VH1 reality series, “Sex Rehab with Dr.In the 17 century, the legend of Don Juan described a rogue and a libertine hypersexual man who was famous for seducing women.Don Juanism, after Don Juan…has since denoted male hypersexuality (Finlayson, Seal, & Martin 2001).Carnes first used the term in his 1983 seminal book on the topic: Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction.

Carnes is largely responsible for popularizing the study and treatment of sex addiction, as well as establishing a valid and commonly used diagnosis.Although female and male addiction shares many similarities, female addiction is distinctly different.In actuality, sex addiction tends to parallel our society’s gender stereotypes.He described this hyper-sexuality as a “dreadful scourge for its victim, for he is in constant danger of violating the laws of the state and of morality, of losing his honor, his freedom, and even his life.” Our societal gender bias significantly affects the accurate statistical representation of female sex addiction.A society that regards male hyper-sexuality in positive terms has created a shameful backdrop and societal prejudice for women.Hypersexual men are commonly considered virile or studs” whereas hypersexual women are considered sluts, whores or nymphomaniacs.