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As voters we are being given a choice to accept some level of administrative corruption, with the less morally reprehensible candidate. I get the same thing from overseas contacts where a POTUS is threatening to cut funding to schools if the school doesn’t allow some male students to use the female changing rooms, We look morally bankrupt. Hillary Clinton’s remarks regarding Russia’s responsibility for the DNC computer security breach is a joke, given the fact they have traced it back to the US Department of intelligence. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at zero percent interest by law. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya.

It is the first time in modern history that a major nation invades and captures the territory of another nation. The West responds with three rounds of sanctions, expanding each as the war in the Ukraine escalates. Russia jumps into the Syrian civil war, starting with air strikes against rebel forces … and regardless of federal budget deficits, the state of the economy or the direction of financial markets, we’re bound to see a rapid build-up of Defense and cyber-related sectors will explode with growth. If you or someone you care about is about to sign up — or is currently covered by Medicare — there are two unfortunate truths about Medicare supplement insurance that are costing you thousands every year… Because my company, Weiss Ratings, is the only one in the country that has all the data and can find the few safe companies that can save you a not-so-small fortune.Russia responds in kind, with a total ban on food imports from the EU, U. soon expanding to a massive build-up of military bases … Second, despite any noise to the contrary, expect aggressive government efforts to stimulate the economy. civil conflicts deepen, much of that capital flow may reverse, seeking new safe havens. To find out more about these unfortunate truths–and learn how to keep from spending a dime more than you should–click here! Weiss founded Weiss Research in 1971 and has dedicated his entire career to helping millions of average investors find truly safe havens and investments.Congress that is allowed to read them cannot divulge what they have read. how much in your so called military dictator countries?10 largest militaries in the world can’t even sniff at what US has.Reply Steve, Your watching too much mainstream media, look at what Hillary did for Libya– complete failed state and hotbed for terrorism. America has been funding, training, and arming extremist groups of Moslems since the 50’s, so YES ITBIS TRUE. Reply The elite media in our country is damming on a daily basis in its condemnation of Russia who are suspected of HRC’s email tampering scandal. Americans have no idea because they simply listen to the “Hollywood” media of America, rather than doing real investigative journalism, simply read what is put on their prompters – what boils down to nothing more than preprepared propaganda for the Rockefeller-UN “Brave New World” of lechery.

Once Hillary wins, expect more insecurity, conflict and the importation of terrorism and not less Reply Wrong , other way around , Trump will make peace and work with Russia in many ways and to defeat ISIS , but Hillary is a globalist and there aim is to reduce world population by starting a war … Americans don’t hate Russians but there is and has been a covert attempt to thwart Russia using dissidents in the middle East. Our ugly election is not having a positive influence on any of our friends overseas. Reply There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens. S.,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.

The world would be safer, if that is what you want to, is the US to be presided by self made businessman than another political dynasty figurehead. Reply and what are you smoking because if Hillary is in charge, I will need some of it…

I think she will provoke more countries than Trump just because she wants to prove that she is a world leader even when she will be a bad one… Putin and the Eastern Orthodox Church of Russia have both thanked the Western world for their sanctions, preferring to rely upon building their own economies, with their own products, made by their own workers, while avoiding the insane immorality of the West.

But Russia argues, also with some factual basis, that the quid pro quo was understood on both sides: Gorbachev would cooperate fully on Germany and the U. It culminates in the fall of the pro-Russian Ukrainian government and the rise of a pro-Western regime. In addition to sharing a long, 2,000-mile border with Russia, Putin views Ukraine as an integral part of Russia’s history and geography. 32 Central Banks Scrambling to Prepare for December Announcement A new global law in effect this December could deliver an unexpected shock to the markets. I pray, hope, and that a direct conflict between the two nations is not in the cards, at least not in the near future.

No less than 32 major central banks are scrambling to prepare for the inevitable fallout. Just this past Friday, CNN explains it this way: “It’s not a new Cold War. But it’s undeniable that the two nations are already engaged in escalating economic wars, cyberwars and most recently, proxy wars.

and most recently, the bombing of entire cities like Aleppo. The United States and Russia jointly announce a Syrian cease-fire. S.-British airstrikes aimed at ISIS accidentally kill 60 Syrian government troops. and Russia have broken off diplomatic relations regarding Syria, a not-so-subtle threat to U. Whether they succeed or not in avoiding a recession is another matter entirely. S.-Russian conflict, you can be certain that the Treasury and the Fed will pursue this course to the bitter end. He is Chairman of the Weiss Group, which includes Weiss Research and Weiss Ratings, the nation’s leading independent rating agency accepting no fees from rated companies.